The story of Disrupt Rape Culture is the evolution of a conversation, inspired by Wisdom®’s End Rape Culture (ERC) campaign established in April 2016. ERC continues to serve as an entryway into dialogue about the detriments of rape culture around the world. As we collaborate with 'me too.', our goal is to advance the conversation once again by highlighting those who actively disrupt rape culture within their own lives and communities.

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Fresco Steez is a community organizer, designer, and cultural engineer. She compounds design, political education, and Black culture, to create tools that inspire people to take action. 

The creative concepts that Fresco curates operate as conversation starters and organizing tools to move folks into dialogue that shifts culture and strategically contributes to the narratives of political concepts and conditions. Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, Fresco began organizing at the age of 14, leading her to dedicate her life to the fight for Black liberation. Fresco is a co-founder of BYP100 (Black Youth Project 100), a member-based organization of Black youth activists, where she served as the Minister of Culture and developed the phrase Unapologetically Black. She is committed to a Black liberation experience that frees ALL Black people and follows in the Black radical traditions of our ancestors.


This capsule collection not only makes a statement you can’t ignore, but it lays out tangible steps that anyone can take to change the way we address sexual violence and all of the thoughts, behaviors, beliefs that lead to it. This is also just one of the ways we can center survivors and help create a safe space for all of us to deepen our understanding about the realities of sexual assault and survivorhood. 

Since 2017, #MeToo has become part of our lexicon in ways that have changed our world. Millions of people confronted their experiences, and thousands of headlines carried the hashtag (for good and bad). These things further pushed the prevalence of sexual violence into public consciousness, leaving us to contend with whether or not we will get to live in a world where power isn’t used to violate and silence us, and where we can come forward about our pain without shame or ridicule. Ask a survivor; we know it’s possible. But we have to get at the root - unchecked power, sexual entitlement, and a lack of education about consent and boundaries are some of the issues that keep rape culture in tact in our communities, our homes, our schools, our workplaces, our places of worship, and our digital spaces. 


It is everywhere. But so are the people who want to get involved in the movement, and don’t know how. Everyone knows a survivor, so everyone can be a disruptor. We each have what it takes to commit to what’s right, have courage when it counts, and call on others for support when we need it. Everyday we have an opportunity to examine our behaviors and beliefs, show up differently, speak up, and support survivors. 


Every day we have an opportunity to disrupt rape culture.


Wisdom Fashion House inspires you to know yourself while existing in the now as whoever you are. Wisdom is having the stoicism of a monk while being indulged in everyday society, the present meeting ever changing. Wisdom exists in the now. The conversation surrounding rape culture is taboo to society, but we wish to inspire the world to see this conversation as normal and relevant in order to create healing. We believe this conversation is deemed as taboo because the world still views rape as a gender crime rather than a crime in itself. Viewing rape as only a gender crime is detrimental because it separates and leaves communities to accept bizarre questions like “what was she wearing” or “was she intoxicated”. Wisdom’s role in Disrupt Rape Culture is to remove separation by understanding that this crime happens to everyone and to start addressing it from a unified perspective. End Rape Cutlure is a safe space for all people to feel comfortable about asking questions on how to advocate for survivors as well as accepting those who actively disrupt rape culture in their own unique ways.